League Rules!

 These rules are put in place for everyone in this league! If they are not followed there will be concequences.
Rules index
1. Game Setup Rules
2. Trades
3.  How To Trade
4. Trade Request
5. Free Agency
6. Draft Rules
7.  In Game Rules
8.  Lag Outs
9.  Owner Rules/Responsibilities
10. Commissioner Rules/Responsibility
11.  Player Rules/Responsibility
12.  retiring
13. playoffs
14. Mercy Rule

1.Game setup rules-
There is a 5 minute grace period per game. Which means if the invite is not sent or accepted at 10:05 or before, its a ff win, unless rescheduled. If a team owner contacts you before 10:04 to ask for more time you have to give them at least 5 mins (10:09). Please provide picture proof. If there is no proof, we will not look into it.

This is done through a 3v3  club dropins with a matchmaking number!

Every team must have E3L  in their team name.
EX- E3L Toronto Maple Leafs  or E3L Vancouver Canucks

2. Trades-
*ONLY Owners can submit trades*
Trades will be done at 5 est.  Any bad trades can be reversed within a week (5 days)
Example: an inactive player or player refuses to play for the team they are traded to.

  3.  How to Trade-
Owners will have access to the trade tab.
Both owners will put in the trade at the same time.
Your Team
Players name
Other players name
Other teams name
Then submit the Trade 

4.  Trade Requests- 
Players have two trade requests. If a player wants to be traded. They can request for a trade, If a team doesn’t trade them within one week, they will be released from the team into free agency.
A player has to have there trade request in 48 hours before trade deadline. If the player is not traded before the deadline or within the week (5 day) period they will be released as a free agent.
Any bad trades can be reversed within the week (5 days).

5.  Free Agency-
Once a team bids on a player, it’s open for 12 hours, and the highest bidder wins.
If a team bids on a player and it goes over their cap, the bid will go to the next highest bidder.

6.  Draft rules-
The draft will be like the NHL  draft! ( Which ever team comes last in a season gets a better chance at 1st pick) 
Player must be signed up for the league (Free Agency)
Draft is done through a Discord chat 

7.  In Game rules-
Ragging the puck  is not allowed. (Video proof required!) 
No self boarding
No diving in the offensive zone. You may dive in the defensive zone.

8.  Lag outs-
Player lag outs
If a player lags out of a game the game will end immediately at the next whistle. Then both teams quit out except the player taking pics. Then restart the game.
If a player lags out 2 times in the same game the team must find a replacement.
Teams are allowed 2 lag outs, if there is a 3rd lag out, it’s a forfeit win for the other team.

9.   Owners rules/responsibilities –
 Anyone can apply for ownership, 
Roster players must at least get 2 games.
Owners must be available 3 game days a week at least to be considered accepted as an owner.
If an owner is caught cheating, the commissioners will decide your punishment, which could lead to banishment from the league. Owners will have stats in by 1 am est time

10.  Commissioner’s rules/ responsibility-
Commissioners are responsible to uphold the rules of the league, and to not favor one side or another. Also commissioners are here to help players and/or owners with anything.
If a commissioner is caught cheating (not counting in game), they will be banned from the league no matter what.
If a commissioner is caught cheating in game they will be punished higher than a player would. It will be decided by the other commissioners/ League owner  on what their punishment will be.
Commissioners cannot be owners or management!

11.  Player rules/ responsibility-
Players are responsible to make sure they are on time for their games.
Roster players may put in a complaint if not scheduled in at least 2 games a week.
If a player does not show up for 2 games without telling their owner/management in advance, they may be subjected to removal from the league.
Training Camp Players (TC) Can only play a maximum of 3 games a week.

12.  Retiring
If a player retires during the season, they will not be able to play for the rest of the season.
If an owner retires, they cannot play in the league for the rest of the season. Also they cannot be an owner/Management for a  season after the season they retired. (Retired season 1, cant be owner/management for season 2).

13.  Playoffs
Every team in the playoffs must play every active roster player on their team at least 3 times  a week. After that, you can put in anyone you want. If a player cannot make it, there MUST BE PICTURE PROOF that they cannot make it. If a team fails to do so they will take one playoff game Forfeit (FF).   Playoffs are a best of  7 series .   NO RESCHEDULES!  


14.   Mercy Rule
If you are a losing team by 12  goals, you may take a mercy and the other team gets the win.